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Kat A. Tonia
July 1, 2009

By Pol Arellano

A short story I wrote years ago.

They carried me.

Slowly, ever so slowly down the pebbled, meandering path. The sun, the wondrous myth, was in a state of LOOK AT wrath.

He was wicked, oh yes he was. Iwas under his painful spell.

And yet my grotesquely painted skin of impeccable ivory was oblivious to the myth’s punishment. I attempted to PEOPLE IN HERE look down, to catch a glimpse of my unrealistically pale toes but then I remembered my masters’ orders. I was a statue – a beautiful and perfect ornament. I was the dutiful effigy with an arm outstretched in an uneasy arrangement. I was not to drink, to move, to blink. My duty for my wonderful fatherland was to listen – listen intently to the plans of the wicked. I must go to the land of the demons whose AFRAID TO MOVE plan is to devour the fertile soil that is my realm. My corporeality is wrapped in remarkably pallid paint, to mask my flesh and being. I trained all my life for this. My masters, they taught me to slumber with my eyes wide open. They taught me to imprison myself inside – to scream without even a hint of sound, to cry without a trace of a tear, to protest without a suggestion of a voice. They told me that my sole purpose HOW LONG was to serve my land with my charmingly chiseled features. From thereon in, I accepted my fate. I was to become a statue. And now I was one – a statue, a hearing statue and nothing more. They carried me as I posed my deathly pose towards the enemies’ land. I was a gift, a darling gift of peace, or so my masters said, for the cruel traitors to admire. As the path towards my short journey reached its near end, I willed myself to be strong. The men carrying me were getting weary; I can feel their unspoken agony though their lips are sealed shut. Or were their lips shut? My ears, they seem to know the things that I must listen to – even my pale ears order me around; they control my being, my pale ears. They do. The walking ceased, the silence frightened me. The weary men silently vanished into the woods. Alas, I was facing the wooden giant that served as the DON’T KNOW portal to the enemies’ lair. A low man yelled violently and the next thing I knew I was being carried towards the glittering perfection of their palace. After numerous footsteps, queries and laughter, I was positioned in a provocative spot.

What grandeur! Golden tapestries greeted my monotonous eyes. I was amazed. This is not a task, this is a handsome sanctuary, I thought. I smiled my mute smile and started to do my duty. But my ears, they grew red in anguish! O, bright red! Like ripe red tomatoes I used to handpick and eat at my dear aunt’s farm. And CARRY I realized that I should reprimand myself for having been blinded by this house of evil. My ears, they hated me, I felt their disgust through their crimsonness. I must do what my masters told me to do – to listen – and nothing more.

Three days have gone and I am yet to blink. I have heard nothing but petty chatter since I’ve arrived in this place. Such vile nonsense! The ladies-in-waiting and their scandalous affairs, the servants and their hidden hatred, the beastly indolence of the low men, the infidelity of their lords! This is nothing but a house of senselessness! The masters have been wrong! These people, these barbarians, are AGAINST HER WILL incapable of acquiring wisdom. They cannot formulate intelligent tactics! They are animals, all of them!

I closed my eyes in disgust.

I opened them only to see a servant drop her cleaning cloth. Her eyes were filled with fear and her loud shriek pierced my terrified being. I am done for! My heart throbbed its way down to the pit of my empty corporeality. All is lost! They shall discover the truth and I shall die in bloodied despair! Where were my masters? They have been wrong! This mission is a folly, a trap!

I ran. I could hear the resonant sound FURIOUS of a hundred or so low men behind my mannequin-like back. I reached the wooden gates and saw the flabbergasted faces of the low men manning the gates. In their state of shock, they were unable to move, which gave me a few seconds to push the wooden gates and run towards the woods. The angry low men were holding their swords and spears, LEFT running fast to get a hold of the phony statue that is I. I ran in perfectly perplexed circles. The woods played its haunted game of “never-get-back” with me and I was beginning to lose hope.

The earth shook wildly, as if the earth was dancing for rain and the reeds, those ugly reeds began to grow, higher than the oaks. Out of each vile reed popped the heads of my masters. They were taunting me and laughing at me! They cried “Stupid whore!” over and over. Those beasts! They are the true monsters! Those animals! My ivory skin was GET IT beginning to fight with my perspiration. Think, think! I commanded myself. I loathed my masters and feared for my life. The low men were coming! I could smell their musty aroma. I loathed myself for being gullible and stupid. All my training had been wasted with just a locking of my lids. My disgust for these animals MOVING led to an asinine act – such a viciously dimwitted act closing my eyes have become! I decided that before those monsters could consume my body with their lust and wrath, I must do something. I must save the only element in my body that is truly mine and mine alone. My hand found its way upwards, towards my expressive eyes. And before pain set foot, I clawed TRYING at my right lid and freed my guilty eye. As the earth brutally trembled, blood rushed. It enveloped my pale cheek and ran down my scanty white gown. My ears speak of the nearing beasts. My left eye cried at the hideous reeds while my masters laughed at me, laughed at my blood-soaked dress, laughed at my stupidity. I held my wonderful eye near my slow-beating chest as the ground shuddered intensely.

The low men were coming.

They were near.

A statue, I am no more.

Jeez, look at her. She’s just lying there.

Yeah. Gimme a light.

You’re not supposed to smoke here.

Who’s gonna tell on me? All the people in here are freaking retards.

Ok, ok.

How can she just lie there with her arm bent like that? Can’t she like, feel numbness or something?

I think it’s as if she’s afraid to move. Hurry up and finish that, the doctors might smell it.

Wait a sec. Hey, hey, hey, it’s already quarter past five, time to say “so long” to the freaks. Man, could this internship be any stupider? I never felt so damn afraid and violated at the same time. ‘Know what I mean? A retirement home is better than this place. Anything’s better than this place! We should have kissed more asses in the university.

Don’t call ‘em freaks.

Well they are.What are we going to do with her?

Who? Sleeping beauty?


I don’t know. Let’s wait till she snaps out of it.

What? How long is that going to take? She’s been like that for 3 hours already. I already immunized Mr. Smith, and you know how long that takes, c’mon.

Well what are you suggesting that we do? Carry her to her ward?

Well, yeah.

Isn’t that, like, bad for her or something?

So? Like she’ll scream and tell the hospital directress that we carried her. C’mon man, I have a hot date tonight with a real girl. Good thing too, ‘coz my plastic mistress is beginning to stink. Let’s get moving.

I don’t know..

C’mon! Don’t be such a wuss. I can’t believe you’re actually afraid of a crazy chick.

You’re crazier than her.

Shut up and carry her. My pits already stink. I need to take a bath or nobody’s getting laid tonight.

Speak for yourself, stinky. She’s heavy. Watch out for her arm.

Can’t we just fold her arm?

Don’t, you bimbo. It’s bad enough that we’re carrying her against her will. Don’t make it worse.

Ok, ok. Man, what a heavy chick! I wish my date won’t be as heavy as her, jeez.

She used to be a soldier, you know? Hence she’s muscle-y. Put her down gently, I said GENTLY. We shouldn’t have moved her. Doctor John will be so damn furious if he finds out.

He’ll be angrier if he found out we left this loon at the corridor. She must have been the female Rambo, shit,  she’s heavier than me! All the soldiers in the world are gonna turn out like this chick and there’ll be no one to fight for us. Man.

Shh! Shut up. Where’s her right shoe?

I’m not a freakin’ prince for our heavy Cinderella right here.

We left her shoe. Go get it.


Shoe.. shoe.. where the hell is that.. ah. Here it is.

Jasper! Jasper! Get the hell in here!!

What? What’s wrong?

She’s moving!


She’s moving!!!

So? She’s got to move some time.

Just get the hell in here!! She’s having a seizure or something!! C’mon!! Oh shit! Oh shit!!

What?? This better be.. Oh crap!!

Hold her hands! Hold her hands right now! HOLD HER!

I’m trying!


Oh jeez, her eye, she took out her damn eye! Hold her freakin’ arms! HOLD HER DAMMIT!  I’ll get help!